York Township, Illinois
York Township, Assessor's Office
Oakbrook Terrace Tower Highway Department


Other Maintenance

Traffic Signs
We erect and maintain most of the stop, speed-limit and caution signs on the Township right-of-way. Stop signs are inspected weekly and other signs are inspected each month. If you notice a missing sign, please notify this office so we may quickly replace it and avoid potential accidents.

Asphalt Patching
Potholes are filled as required.

Crack Sealing
Cracks are sealed to prevent water from seeping into the road. This extends the life of the base pavement.

Within unincorporated York Township, streetlights are maintained by Commonwealth Edison. If you see a streetlight with a burned-out bulb, please call our office, and we will notify Commonwealth Edison's customer service.

Street Sweeping
Subdivisions with curbs and gutters are swept several times during the year, with special sweeping following construction projects.

Storm Sewers
Storm sewer basins are cleaned as needed. Inlet grates in the street are inspected and cleaned during and after most rainstorms. You may have an inlet on your property. It is your responsibility to keep the grate and basin clean. If you suspect a problem with your backyard inlet, call this office. Although the inlet and sewer is not within Township jurisdiction we may help solve your problem.

The York Township Road District is equipped to handle most of these duties and to contract some with private enterprises. We have excellent intergovernmental cooperation with the municipalities in and around township boundaries. Manpower and equipment are often exchanged to make all of us more efficient.